Precautions And Checks Before Renting

The first essential requirement is to have a driving license. In most countries, the standard driving license is sufficient, but in some states, you will be asked for the international driving license. Do not forget your ID or Passport, since in most car rental companies, like the downtown car rentals in toronto area, they will ask you to confirm your identity and make a photocopy in case any problem arises. Also carry your credit card with you, since even if you have already paid, they will ask you for a deposit that will release you when you return the car.

Before renting the car, read all the fine print carefully. But the essential thing comes when you first see the rental car they have given you. Check that everything is correct in the car, especially if you do not have full insurance.

Which Car To Rent

The best trick to rent a cheap car is to choose the one that they offer as the entry range, which is usually the smallest. Also, being the slightest, it is also often the one that consumes the least and with which it is best parked in the cities, so if you are two and do not need excessive luggage space, do not think about it, take what they offer you. There are situations in which once at the counter of the rental company, they offer you a free update to a higher range.

Foreign Legislation   

If you are going to rent the car in another country, before you start driving, find out what international legislation is about driving. The blood alcohol limit is very likely to vary, even if you can’t drive even with a drop of alcohol. You will also pay fines for speeding since your company will send you all the penalties that occur during your rental period.

If You Are Under 25 Years Old

Virtually all companies charge a fee for being younger than 25 years, and on many occasions, it is unfair, since the supplement can easily be up to double the rental price, and the young man may be a much better driver and less negligent than another 50 years.

Care When Returning The Car

Check the vehicle before returning it. On the other hand, look that you have not left any belongings inside the car. Have them check the vehicle, to leave it down that you had returned it in the same conditions as when you took it. One thing you have to take special care with is the cleanliness of the car when you return it. If you deliver it excessively dirty, you will be charged an additional supplement, so it compensates to give you a general cleaning to avoid the over cost.

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